The USECF is a group of grassroots racers that have been producing and racing in off road endurance cycling events for over 25 years. The USECF will aid race directors by providing inexpensive event insurance with no participant membership or license fees, a database of race director resources and free consulting to assist race directors in producing successful events.

The USECF wants to celebrate off road endurance cyclist’s hard work, dedication and love of endurance cycling by producing endurance cycling national championships. These championships will provide the opportunity for endurance cyclist to compete against other racers from around the country and will recognize & reward the top competitor’s efforts with national champion jerseys.

The mission of the USECF is to support the positive growth of endurance cycling events at the grassroots level.

USECF mission

The mission of the USECF is to guide and assist race directors and committees in conducting fun, safe, and fair events. To provide for the health, welfare, and safety of participants, spectators, officials and volunteers. To aid in the continued positive growth of off road endurance cycling events in the United States.


racer support

  • Provide accidental medical coverage for all event participants.
  • Developed the USECF Minimum Safety standards to provide for the racers safety.
  • Produce The USECF Gravel Grinder National Championship. The winning riders in each category earn the title of USECF Gravel Grinder National Champion. The winning riders also receive the coveted national champion jerseys and the recognition of their peers as the reigning gravel grinder national champions.

usecf board

  • Mike Kuhn
    Director Pennsylvania NICA, race director for the Transylvania Epic, Iron Cross, Rattling Creek MTB Marathon, IIGO MTB Relay and avid racer.
  • Matt Battiston
    Off road endurance racer who has completed Triple Bypass, Dirty Kanza 200, 2 Eco Challenges and just about any other event that has the word endurance in the name.
  • Andrea Cohen
    Salsa Cycles ultra-endurance cyclist, completed Trans Iowa, Dirty Kanza 200, and countless gravel centuries over the years.
  • Phil Schweizer
    Race director for the Pony Xpress Gravel 160, the Encierro Velo and owner of Koobi saddles. Completed 20 Leadville 100s, Dirty Kanza 200 and countless other endurance cycling events.
  • Troy Farrar
    Former race director for 24 Hours of Rocky Hill, 12 Hours of Dirt & Dirty Dozen, produced over 250 off road events, endurance mountain bike racer & adventure racer.

event management

  • Provide comprehensive general liability event insurance for race directors.
  • Provide accidental medical coverage for all event participants.
  • Developed the USECF Minimum Safety standards to provide for the racers safety and to guide event directors in producing safe & well organized events.
  • Provide free USECF event consultations for race directors. This free guidance is primarily directed at new race directors to aid them in conducting safe & well organized events.
  • Provide USECF Race Director Resources to give event promoters a basic guideline for the organization and direction of endurance cycling events. Includes event logistics, entry form development, sample pre-race speech and sample race rules.
  • Provide discounts on shirts, banners and race supplies for race directors

race director resources

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